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Journal Bearing Apparatus

Journal Bearing Apparatus
Journal Bearing Apparatus
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Product Description

Journal Bearing Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a plain shaft encased in a bearing and directly driven by a small motor. The bearing is freely supported on the shaft and sealed at motor end. The motor speed is precisely controlled by control unit. The bearing contains twelve equispaced pressure tapings around circumference and four along the axis. All tapings are connected by light flexible plastic tubes to the manometer so that the pressure head of all sixteen points can be observed at a time. The bearing can be loaded by attaching weights to the arm supported beneath it.

The Journal Bearing Apparatuses are incorporated with plain steel shafts infolded in the bearings and instantly steered by the small electric motors. The bearings are autonomously backed up on the shafts and sealed at the motor endings. The speed of the motors is incisively managed and adjusted by particularly configured control units that can work in both directions. Each bearing comprises twelve equispaced pressure tapping around its perimeter and four extra ones along its shelter deck and on the upright radial plane. All are attached by light and supple plastic tubes to the backside manometer panel so that pressure head of the oil at all sixteen locations can be distinctly ascertained at all times. The oil is provided to a low pressure area at both endings of the bearings by the adaptable reservoir fitted at the broadside of the rear panel.
The supports can be loaded by connecting various weights to the arms backed beneath it. A label is handily given at the front of the Journal Bearing Apparatuses.


  • Pressure profiles around and along the bearing ceaselessly displayed on large manometer panel.
  • Theoretical pressure profile can be moved out and compared with practical outcomes.
  • Wide ambit of loads and speeds possible.
  • Appropriate for group studies and presentations.
  • A. C. single state F.H.P. motors are utilized with the speed control units.
  • Manometer height is provided in accordance with the requirements or demands.

Technical Specifications -

  • Journal: 50 mm dia. (Nominal)
  • Bearing: 55 mm dia.
  • Weights: 4 Adustable weights.
  • Motor:  D.C.Motor
  • Control Panel for speed control
  • Manometer Board ( Sixteen Tube)
  • Oil recommended: SAE 30/40

Experiments -

  • Observation of the pressure profile at various conditions of load and speed.
  • Plotting the cartesian and polor pressure curves.
  • Poltting the theoretical Sommerfield curves.

Service Required -

  • A.C.Single Phase, 230 Volts, stabilised power supply.
  • Floor Space - 1.5m X 1.5 m X 4m Height.